Something strange happened at work today

Ok so today at work this lady comes in and she said her car was making a funny noise. The boss sends me with her for a test ride. I got in the car and she drove off the lot. She took me to secluded spot and parked. I said mam what are we doing here. She began taking off her clothes and I freaked out. I was going to get out but just then it started to down poor. I sat in the front seat next to her she was now in her underwear. Then she said how would you like to f*** me? I was lady I don't know you. She said don't worry I'm not going to yell rape or anything it's just been a while since anyone has f***** me. Now I was 19 years old and she had to be maybe 38 or even 40. She looked pretty nice and sexy. I said are you kidding me. I don't believe you. She said yes nobody has f***** me in about a year and half. I still wasn't buying it. She told me that she was so h**** and she could only think about telling my boss her car was making a funny noise.

I said lady I don't know you I'm not going to just have s** with you. She said I could wear a condom then she produced several from her purse and told me to pick one. Then she said that she didn't have any STD's or AIDS or anything and she produced her medical records. I looked at them because she was pretty insistent. Ok they seemed to be good so your healthy I remarked. Then she removed her top and panties and told me I better get naked. I still was like no way. Then she changed a bit and got kind of cross with me. Are you married she asked, no I said. Have a girlfriend, no. So what's your f****** problem? Are you gay? No! Get naked now or I'm going to run down the road naked yelling rape. They will come and arrest you and charge you with sexual assault. Do you think anyone would ever believe you over me. I thought s*** she's got me. I slowly took off my shirt then my pants, underwear and was naked with her. We hopped in the back seat of her Cadillac Deville and I began giving her my rock hard c***. Oh man she felt so good to me. Her p**** was hot and wet and good. I went at her for about twenty minutes and finally I came inside her. Then we both got dressed and she drove me back to my shop. I watched as she drove off down the street and didn't see her again.

My boss was pretty mad at the time we were gone. He said what the h*** did you f*** or something. I said don't ask I think she has a couple screws loose and I don't mean the car. I just put our encounter out of my mind and hoped and prayed no cops showed up to haul my butt off to jail. Time passed and I soon put the whole thing to rest not thinking about this crazy time with a sexy looking older woman in the back of her Cadillac. A complete stranger. This was 1985. So we fast forward to 2006. Twenty one years later. I had decided to do one of those ancestry searches and provided them with a DNA sample. I was stoked to find out about my Scottish, Irish, German history and ancestors my mom had always told me about. I can remember being told about my relatives then also told I had one living close by. A young woman 21 years old. We were set to meet as I had agreed at a local coffee shop. In walked this young beautiful woman. She asked if I was Mathew. I said yes and she sat down. We ordered some coffee and began to talk. The next thing I knew she had produced a picture of her mother and slid it to me. Then she asked how I knew her. I couldn't believe my eyes. It was the older woman in the Cadillac. I gulped and I was now perspiring like crazy. I said well I don't know her. She looked at me and then showed me some test results from another lab. Well you say you didn't know the woman in the photograph but the lab says you must cause your my biological father and that is my mother.

I took a deep breath and said yes I see that's what it said. But I had no idea your mother was pregnant nor did I know your mothers name. I said your probably not going to believe me but here's what happened. Then I recounted the whole tale from beginning to end just leaving out all the juicy p**** things I said before. She looked at me and told me to relax. I'm Amanda your daughter and my mother wrote a letter and I found it in her safety deposit box telling about the encounter she arranged. It seems her biological clock was ticking and she wanted a child. Someone to love and someone who would love her. So she picked the time she would be ovulating and went for it. And hit a homerun out of the park on the first try. I said but wait she offered me condoms first. She said yes the condoms would have done little good as she used a needle to poke lots of holes in them so they would leak. Please tell me your mothers name as I have often wondered what it was. Amanda told me her name was Alexandra and she told her that I had died in a car accident before she was born. She said no name on the birth certificate because I was just a one night stand. I couldn't believe all this it really hit me. I have a daughter. We talked and she told me about herself and her mother and her life. She said that I was the only family she had left and wanted to continue to see me if I was ok with it. I told her ok but my wife wouldn't believe me. I told her she has three siblings two brothers and a sister. So you have more family than you know. I told her give me some time to explain to them what happened and why I didn't tell even my wife. She agreed and we hugged and I gave her my phone number. This is so crazy I still can't believe I have a daughter from a once encounter with a woman I thought was crazy.


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  • Something strange happened at work today for me too. I actually did some work instead of posting to this website.

  • Ha ha ha priceless! šŸ˜‚

  • I have been reading your post. F*** you all! Sick ass holes.

  • Very disturbing comments you're all sick perverts. Please get help now you future s** offenders! Rape is not funny!

  • It most certainly is not. A disturbing trend in our male run country. May they all die and rot in the ground. Maybe beautiful flower sprout from their graves.

  • Teehee but im a 14 year old girl n i wana b raped just like sooo bad n i know everything n im so sexy so these sick perverts need 2 hmu so i can be plowed like a field sum1 rape me plz plz plz lol im such a dumb little girl rape me

  • Mmm that sounds fun

  • I'd rape that f****** b**** and steal her car leave her ass on the side of the road wondering what happened.

  • You are very sick. Rape is not funny. Turn yourself in to the police please! Thank You!

  • N**** she concented you dumbass ape

  • Yes BS but at least this one was entertaining unlike all the f****** cuckolding stories

  • I tell you what some b**** wants my c*** and I will f*** the s*** out of dat p****. Make a hundred babies. She'd be like coming back every 9 months for another test drive.

  • More fake BS what did you expect. Get real this place is BS

  • It could be real maybe. It sounded good. I had my c*** out from the start.

  • Yeah me too. I was so hard. Made a baby the first try sounds like me and my first wife. That's why I started f****** my secretary.

  • I knew from the get go this was all bullshit

  • Yeah lets read something you wrote about you what your wife and you cuckolding while you watch. Oh sorry maybe you f***** your granny while she had Alzheimer's so no one would know. Yeah you and granny, LOL.

  • Dude that is sick. Granny with Alzheimer's OMG! I f****** p***** myself. Thanks now I have to change my underwear.

  • This is from which novel

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