Amanda finally got dj his fanasty

Ok dj has a friend name Matt. He is white. Matt has a little sister named Amanda. Amanda is 13 yrs old. Dj is 16 yrs old. Amanda is some what fat about 196 pounds. Brown hair no big t******. Thick as h*** thick thighs and her booty is big. Definitely big for a 13 yr old. Dj loves taking Percocets 10mg and loves taking Molly. Dj always stare at Amanda. He is in love with her. He wants to have s** with her and f*** her throat and tonsils nonstop. He knew that Amanda could do it cuz she is a rough girl. She thinks she could do anythingthat u say she can't. So Matt was fixing something. I came down stairs. Her mother peg was ttalking to her sister Liz. Liz said her daughter Jaime told her that she sucked a black boy d*** at school. Peg said wow tropical young white girls. U beat her ass. Liz said no I did the same at that age. U know peg we both did. Amanda said I wanna suck a black d***. Liz said I surprised y didn't already Amanda. U didn't have s** either Liz asked? Amanda said no. Liz said I know those boys look at u of the thickest white girl in school you have a big butt Amanda. Peg said Amanda u gonna start wearing tight clothes like regular girls do. Candy gave u 5 pairs of leggings. Candy is skinny it gonna be to tight Amanda said. Peg said it post to b tight. Peg said Amanda go get those light grey tight pants candy gave u. So dj went to the kitchen. Amanda walked past. Amanda had on a Jersey with just panties on. The jersey stop by her upper thigh. Dj had popped a Molly 30 minutes ago. It kicked in so Amanda went her room. Dj said your phone ringing and it was her cousin Jaime. Amanda put her on speaker. Amanda said I heard that u sucked a black boy d*** at school. Jaime said yea I love sucking black d***. Black boys love us white girls especially when girls make them moaning. Jaime said also I sucked another d*** at school I didn't tell my mom. Amanda said who? Jaime said I sucked Dwayne d***. I recorded it. It was crazy. He d*** is big like 8inches. I can't believe I had it down my throat. Dj said dam I wish that was me. Jaime said that's dj. Amanda said yea. Jaime said oh yeah dj just be patient I'm coming over there on Saturday. I'm going to give u a sloppy puky deepthroat b******.Amanda said no you have to ask me first. Dj d*** is mine. Jaime said u didn't even do anything with dj. Amanda said I starting tonight. Dj said oh really. The Molly had kicked in hard. Jaime said Amanda u better make dj yours cuz I will. Jaime called Amanda on facetime suck dj d*** right now. Peg said Amanda what you doing come on. Amanda said give me 5minutes. Dj got naked in Amanda room. Amanda said dam big ass d*** right Jaime? Jaime said yea. Amanda started sucking dj d***. Dj said spit on it. Jaime said Amanda u have to learn how to give a sexy deepthroat sloppy puky b******.Amanda said dj f*** my throat. He began doing it. Gagging gagging gagging gagging gagging gagging nonstop loudly. Amanda coughed and started watching dj j*** his c*** saying Amanda u know that I love you right? I want u to be my girlfriend. Amanda said h*** yea I will be your girlfriend. Dj said don't tell Matt or your mother. Amanda said ofcoarse not. Dj said come on puke every where nonstop and puking all over my c***. He shoved the d*** outta her hand and into her mouth. She went so deep that she put his b**** in her mouth. Dj was moaning loud and constantly evolving the first b****** from Amanda. Amanda started puking all over. Do was continuing f****** her tonsils. Amanda was puking for 20 seconds nonstop. Amanda said u like that baby? Dj said yes baby. Amanda said give me a few I'm talking with mom. Amanda went into her mother room. Dj put on his. Clothes and started listening and watching peg and Amanda. Peg said put those on. Amanda started to. Peg said Amanda take off your panties. Wear those with no panties. Amanda ass was fat struggling to put the tight pants on. Peg said Amanda your ass is huge. Peg said them little white boys can't handle that. Amanda said I know. I'm going to get dj to be my boyfriend. I know he has a big black d***. Why haven't you been noticing dj looking at you. Amanda said. Peg said dj don't want me. Peg said Amanda u better show him how we do. Peg said I'm gonna watch y'all. Then Matt called dj up stairs. Matt said I'm leaving in 10minutes after this shower I'm spending the night at candy house. Peg gave Amanda a thong to put on and put baby oil on her big ass. Amanda had on a little tight tank top and a thong barefoot. Matt went downstairs as Amanda was going to his room. Amanda u not going in my room. U got a thong on u smell like s*** p**** and p***. Amanda said I wanna play the game. No Matt said and went in the bathroom. Amanda went to Matt room and locked the door. Amanda said I have you all mine. Dj got naked. God dam Amanda u have a fat ass and sexy thick thighs and sexy feet barefoot. The sloppy puky deepthroat b****** began. Amanda puked 4times. Amanda heard Matt coming back to the door she ran into

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  • Forget about sucking d**** stay in school and educate yourself. Learn to spell and write, couldn't even get through this

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