My wife was an Irish girl of beauty, raised in the Catholic Church by strict parents and grandparents. She was ten years younger than me when we met and she was not a virgin. Her story was that she had lost her virginity just recently before our relationship got to the point where we were going to have s** and I would realize that she was not a virgin, which I though surely she was.
She described the guy who took her virginity as a rugged kind of guy who worked for the railroad. I would never pictured her going with a guy like that because she was quite proper and well behaved in every social situation. She said he seduced her in the back seat of his car sitting in her driveway. She was 21.
There was so much else that she did not tell and I never thought to pursue the train of thought because I trusted her implicitly. I was quite sure she was pure as the driven snow and naïve about the workings of the world, especially about s**.
We married, had two beautiful children, and struggled thru the first fifteen years of marriage as soul mates.
Our s** life went to h*** at some point in time. I am not sure when. To tired, 100 hours a week making a business work. Not much fun, no money. I never saw it coming. that other side of my wife that I never really knew.
I ponder who actually started the ball rolling but my wife assured me that it was the "other person" in the beginning.
It was actually a woman, the wife of a good friend. MY wife "co0nfessed to me one night after a few drinks in the safety of our home that she had been 'seduced" by this
woman on an overnight shopping trip, It was all because of the fat that we, my wife and I were fighting, a frequent occurrence in our home during those days, and she was upset and the other gal chose to sooth her by giving he a massage that got personal and ended up with my wife experiencing girl/girl s** for the first time in her life. In retrospect I wonder about her days as a young lady in an all girl college.
I sat, drink in had and listened in amazement to the confession. I realized something about myself. I was not angry, maybe a little at first but the sensation of sexual stimulation took over. I had an erection with my mental picture of my wife laying there getting her p**** eaten out by the other woman that I knew quite well.
I did something crazy. I put it all away in the back of my brain.
MY wife then told me about the conversations that she was having with the other gal about the size of her hubby's p**** and how much the other gal loved to f*** her hubby.
It took me two years and the fourteen carat gold chain and heart from the two of them at Christmas to make me realize that my wife was f****** him and his wife.
I buried it in my sub-conscious. But my fantasies grew.
I can't count the times that me wife came home with all sorts of absurd stories of sexual adventure by her that I knew was total bullshit. What I was missing completely was my wife's weak attempt to get me into the circle that she had moved into. The three of them were afraid of my reaction should it all come to the surface.
It became a case of my knowing perfectly well that she was f****** them and they knew I knew, it just wasn't put on the table for discussion.
It got to the point where I was competing with the two of them for my wife's time. By the way. He had money. He had plenty of time and opportunity to play when I had to hit the bricks.
He took her horseback riding when I was working.
What do you think? He took her to concerts that I didn't want to go to. What do you think?
I absolutely knew exactly what was going on. I would fantasize about how it was all happening but never a word.
One night we were partying. We stopped into a glory hole, for a joke. My wife ended up on his lap in that booth. I pretended to be watching the stupid video while he played with her p**** right there in front of me in that very dim light. HIs wife started with a hand on my thigh and ended up massaging my d***. I was embarrassed! Can you believe that? I was embarrassed to have her feeling my d*** when her husband was finger f****** my wife right next to me.
It became very obvious that everyone knew what was going on and the three of them could have cared less that I was aware that they were f****** my wife.
I passed out on their den sofa. I woke up with his wife gone to bed and he and my wife on the floor making out.
I pretended to be asleep. I watched him position himself between her legs with her skirt up to her waist and his pants at his ankles.
I saw his c*** for the first time. I watched as she helped him position that d***.
and take it all. I threw in the towel. I unzipped and jerked off watching.
I am now ready to be in the same bed with them and let what ever happens, happen.

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