Grannies on holiday

Me and some of my friends have just returned from a holiday in Spain. The youngest is 67 and we are all females btw. We had a ball, quite literally in fact we emptied quite a few b**** if you know what I mean.
We used to sunbathe all day on the beach TOPLESS and we would always attract a bunch of young men, who would sit in a circle around us. I think it had something to do with the fact that we all have bosoms that hang down to our wastes or even lower. Young men seem to love the big floppy ones and on this holiday mine certainly saw some action. We were getting approached nearly all day by young men asking us if we would go back to their rooms and generally we would not refused. Although if they just wanted to fondle our b**** they could do it on the beach. But every once in a while 1 or 2 (or more) of us would disappear off with some young men and return later with a smile and an ice cream. The evenings got really wild, then the young guys wouldn't even bother to takes us back to their rooms. Those clubs out there anything goes or in our case anything blows. We were blowing guys out at (under in fact) our table, I remember one the girls brought her head back up from under the table and her face was covered by a huge smile and loads of man cream. Or we would just pop round the back of the club if they wanted a quicky and we would always bring some back with us. One night I ended up back in my room with 6 young guys in tow, what a night that was.

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  • Mmm I love romping with grannies. They're the vintage wine of women

  • I hope I'll be as lucky as you girls when I'm in my 60s. Where is this place? lol.

  • I am a lady of the same age range as you and your friends and I am disgusted with the way you have carried on. Have you no decency?

  • Lighten up what have these marvelous ladies done wrong?

  • It's a sin that's what!

  • We were only enjoying ourselves, we weren't hurting anyone. We went back home and a load of young blokes also went back home happy. We even got our tour guide off with one of our boys and we hid and watched while they made out. Then just as he was c****** we all jumped up (well as much as ladies of our age can jump up) and shouted Surprise, Surprise. She went bright red which made the c** on her face much even more visible than it would have been ordinarily.

  • You bad girls. The next time you go away can you let us guys know when and where you will be and you can have some more action.

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