Age is just a #.... right?

Im a pretty young girl and i cant help but to be atracted to guys more then twice my own age. im under the age of 18 or even 17 and i have no interrest in guys even remotely my age. of course guys of my likeingcan have nothing to do with a girl so young but age is just A # RIGHT??????????????

Jul 21, 2011

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  • Good for you. Age is just a number, agreed. Nothing wrong at all for enjoying older men. Pleasure them first always, you will be golden.

  • i cant help what i like yall i just wanna have s** with like every older guy i see! im not a freak or a bad kid even i just idk tell me more of what u think please

  • It's perfectly normal. I'm near 40 and fantasize about younger women all the time. My last girlfriend was in her early 20s and she likes older men too. Your definitely not the only one. Just be careful you don't get anyone in trouble ;)

  • Age is just a number for you, but to him it's a prison sentence. Wait till you're 17, then you're legal in most states, and old enough not to freak the potential partner out, or attract the pedophile set.

  • yes it is and buys will really like you for this. The worry guys have will be that you'll get him in trouble. If you honestly feel this way you'll be a treasure to any guy.

  • ;) good comment

  • I'm touching myself as I read your post. I'm 27 and want to deflower you babe.

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