Am I alone ?

Okay, this is the first time I throw this out in the open. I guess it's worth a try. As a single 23 y/o mail I noticed during a party I got amazingly hot and kinky when using a certain party drugg. One time, I started playing with my a*** and it was total extacy. Over the years (now 38), it became a kick to once in a while use the drug and have a solo party , and use biger and bigger d***** analy. Unfortunatly as a man your p**** and b**** schrink to a tiny shadow of what it is normally, but touching and stroking it feels 10x as good. And... I get so kinky I urge to show it all to anyone. This one night an old friend and I took the drug (sober, I could not think of it to do something like that) , we got more naked and naked and eventually, h**** as h*** I told him my fetisch. He insured me I could do what ever feeled good and I started using my d***** in front of him, from small to realy big and wide. It was such a good feeling and experience. Ofcourse the next day I was so ashamed (i'm striaght, but bi-curius) we never met again. So, are there people here with the same fetish, desire or ..

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  • Asks if he's alone in this... doesn't mention the name of the drug.


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