It appears I have grown an obsession with Jeff Lional Dahmer

I confession that this not a typical obsessed because obsessions I had in the past went away in a month or two or less. Last year I heard my classmates mention Jeff Dahmer they briefly explained he was a serial killer who got murdered in prison. At first I thought nothing of him. This year I stumble across an interested conspiracy about MK Ultra and after the US government attempted to the experiments. I become more interested in doing research about it and eventually I learn that that serials killer are trained at an early age. So I researched some famous serial killer and the only one I become obsessed with is Jeff. He died before I was born but I believe he was a sick man but was scared and lonely. Also its pretty obvious he was a mastermind. I actually printed off a picture of him and taped it on the inside of my cell phone case. Sometimes at work I take the case off and stare at the picture of Jeff. It will take a longer time for me to let this one go because I have some emotions attached to this obsession. If he was still alive then I would send him a letter and if he were to write back I would cherish the mail until I die.

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