A strange woman

I got transfered to my companies Atlanta office last year and rent a small apartment downtown. It didn't take me long to find out my neighber next door is a blooming nitwit. Cheryl is 46, slightly attractive with a grat body and I have been told she was married 3 times. It only took 3 weeks for me to have s** with her. I'm single and 38, but of the 11 women I have had s** with over the years, I have never met such a permissive woman like Cheryl. She does anything I ask of her and I get oral s** everytime I am with her and she openly admits she likes a*** s**. Some nights she masturbates mme while we watch tv. The stangest thing about her is that she seems to be obsessed with s** toys. Not just d***** and vibrators but she has some of the weirdest s** toys I have ever seen. I must admit that I like using these toys on her even the several butt plugs she has, one of which also vibrates. She enjoys when I penitrate both her v***** and a*** with vibrators and has no embarrassment at the way she reacts. She not only moans and groans loudly but also screams sometimes. The ways she dispays herself to me are in fact degrading and she has no modesty whatsoever. I have given her oral s** a few times but she obviously likes it best when I apply the s** toys in her. What I hate to admit is that after months of her wanting to use the s** toys on me, I finally gave in and now let her do it. Never had I ever let a woman penitrate my r***** or shave my pubic hair. Cheryl has been doing all that to me for a long time now. I never thought about haveing anything in my r***** or having a woman play with my a***. She uses d***** first most of the time but ends up using vibrators. She puts the butt plug in me often, the one that vibtrates, then gives me oral s** or jerks me off. She purposley wants me to tell her when I am going to c** and always has me c** in her mouth. She is the strangest woman I have ever met. Another thing she likes is to watch me pee, that I don't understand at all, but go along with her wishes. I never met a woman who could o***** as many times as Cheryl does, mostly when I use the s** toys on her. I could never admit to anybody the things I allow her to do to me and beleive she truly likes playing with my p**** and testicals aside from touching my a*** and penitrating me with all those s** toys. I do like it and can't beleive how arousing it is even when she is only shaving all my pubic hair. She has even penitrated my r***** with her fingers and for some reason is fixated on touching my genitals and a***. She is weird but I am loveing it.


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