My awefull life

My life hasnt been going so well. Im the invisible one in school. When I am brought uppeople are trying to force me and my friend to date then again to break up. It happend six times then I stopped listening. Before that I was bullied throughout all of elementery school. My brothers a j****** and constantly bites me claws me and destroys my stuff and my sister is a rotten brat. My dad is a d*** who put a tracking device in my phone wont let me go out alone unless its to the library to study and he constantly neats me and my brother on the ass and screams his damn head off at the slightest things. Today my bro stepped on a pin I didnt put there or know was there and he beat me till my ass was fire engine red and stung like h***. I cut m hands so it doesnt scar and I have the constant urge to run away or just grab a beer and get drunk so everything will go away. But I dont. Ive thpught of scuicide multiple times but cant bring myself to do it. I dknt want to kill myself. My mom moved to indiana and because of lies in court she didnt get custody. Im showered with gifts and zoo trips and vacations from my grandpa great grandma aunt jodie and my mom so there is an upside. But alot of times it just seems like its me and my dog against the world. My teachers are either a******* or they make it impossible tk learn
And when other kids are failing with me my dad expects me to be straight As or im worthess. My brother heard him call me stupid and an idiot. I dont know how to handle this. I feel like im eorthless like nobody cares about me or their constantly thinking im a peice of ugly s***. I just dont know anymore....


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  • ..... And don't do drugs and drink, this will only make matters worse

  • I'm guessing your a teen.

    1.). don't let anyone dictate your dating.

    2.). I'm sorry about the lies that led to your current situation.

    3.). Your father probably just wants you to make it in life but he shouldn't be hitting you (you can tell a counselor at school if you want it to stop, and you should).

    4.). All brothers and sisters argue when they are younger.

    5.). I promise you things will get better; you are NOT stupid, your writing was quite good actually.

    I'll pray for you, stand up for yourself kiddo!

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