It's funny. You all got so lost in your fervor for kicking me while I was down that it never occurred to any of you one very important thing: that life can change for people. A person is not always up-- but they're not always down either. Not only has life improved for me, I am not only up, I am WAY UP. And it's rather amusing watching you all panic at realizing your mistake. Oh you bet I am suddenly financially secure now beyond any expectation, even mine. But that's okay. I'm sure I'll get used to it. But you all? You'll never know. You bet I'm getting the h*** out of here. Maybe next time you'll think about how you treat people. Let it be a lesson to all of you.

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  • This is my first visit to this site. It seems as if you didn't find what you were looking for here. I know nothing about your situation or what transpired on this website. But I can tell you this... don't take it too seriously.

    IRL there is always someone who has been through even more messed up stuff than you have. Even when you don't think that is possible. I don't know if that helps you deal any but it helped me deal when I realized that.

    On the message board I mean who seriously GaF? Maybe people picked on you? Maybe you deserved it? Matters not... just ghost outta here and go somewhere else. Live and learn as you travel.

    Peace be unto you

  • Multiple times on this site, I have seen REAL confessions (as opposed to the ongoing panty/sibling/belly bullshit) that are triumphant and unapologetic.

    EVERY SINGLE TIME, it brings out the boo-hooers: "Well, obviously YOU'RE the one with the problem." It's a very curious phenomenon, and those who come on all butthurt and condescending in response to a long-suffering person's moment of triumph are the petty, small-spirited little leeches who help keep society mired in "clusterfuck" mode.

    Shut up, sit down, and let this person have their moment. The fact that YOU can't handle it has more to do with YOU than them.

    *No* peace unto you, you weak jealous little worm.

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