All I can think about is her

about 2 yrs ago i started making love with the wife of my dads business partner. I thought it would be like just a few times but we have never stopped and it just gets more involved and more complicated. i cant think about anything but her now and it scares me how powerful she is and how powerful she makes me want her and how she never wants to let go. i even want her right now and im in the school library and i just want to go to her house and get with her. shes all i want.

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  • The fact that you do not know that the word "I" is capitalized tells me you are a 12 year old troll. No adult is that illiterate.

  • Or they're just mentally 12 years old, which many adults are.

  • Yeah Man I had one of those too! Make the most of it while you can!

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