Just want someone to take my virginity already

I'm a 19 y/o female who lives in Toronto. I just want someone to f*** me. Make me scream. I'm still a virgin and I hate it. I want to be tied to a bed and f***** hard repeadedly until I can't walk. I want to be a s** slave.

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  • If you are a girl or a boy I just want to f*** you

  • I'd fly out to Toronto & hire a hotel room for the month. Once your enter, you can't leave for a month though. You'll be at my service whenever I say. You'll be f***** rough from day one, no soft gentle "love making", there won't be any love, just pure hard, powerful f****** of your little tight virgin p****. By the end of the month, it'll be a swollen, sore, stretched c***. Just a hole for numerous c**** I'll invite up to f*** you. Of course they'll be paying me well for your service. You'll spend most of your time tied up in various positions, without p****, and mouth f***** until you can't take any more. You'll learn so much pleasure from being my slave, so much experience that you'll never forget me or the best month of your life.

  • It is easy to lose virginity by masturbating yourself.

  • Meow?

  • Just like my nyfio wife c*** happy all the time

  • I would love to help you

  • Once u get f***** after that u would be f****** h**** to get f***** everyday

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