I Fantasize about my wife getting with others

In real life I know it would cause all kinds of problems - but I fantasize a LOT about my beautiful wife having s** with others. My friends. Her friends. Multiple guys at once. Strangers. Her best friend's teenage sons. Or their daughters. Big black guys. I just love the idea. My sweet, pretty wife - everyone loves her and thinks of her as this great wife and mom, volunteer, very active at the church and school, great friend. They have no idea that she is absolutely AMAZING in bed. And I wish I could let them find out. And watch while they do.

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  • Since your wife is so great you should be proud of her, not treating her as a prostitute, what kind of husband are you!?
    don't be a spineless cuckold and be a man, if she's so 'gifted' be glad and enjoy it yourself and give her all you have.
    and why on hearth would you like to degrade your wife with blacks? besides:
    have some pride, and take care.

  • Yes you need to show that she is really hot. I bet she would love it too. Why not share your fantasy and see what she thinks. I love the idea (I am a mom).

  • Bullshit, you are a dude, you are not fooling anyone.

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