Love hurts

I cannot understand why my boyfriend cannot change his bad attitude for me for the food of our relationship. He dont have patience, and respect.. He is married with one son...but now he is separated from his wife and their annulment case is still on process.. It is always brought me into tears everytime he hurts my feelings. He always tild me what he wants and what he donts and i also told him mine. But hes unfair always, i always do what he wants and aware what he donts but he dont care mine.. I was thought why he like that? I accept him specially his status his son annd hoping to thrush his bad attitude but he cannot.. I told my self why hes like that while i did everything for our relationship to work.. I gave up my career just to be with him, i work out him to my family just to accept him because of his status, i offer a lot of patience understanding and forgiveness but why still he is like that? I already have 1 year of waiting for his annulment. For a one year he always hurt me more especially shouted me, throwing bad words on me..yes he say sorry after we had fight but my question why always like that? He rather choose to hurt me to ignore me to let me cry than lower his pride his ego.. I could say that i nevee deserve all of this abd i want to leave him but i am now pregnant with him and i always thought for my baby's sake and future... Even if i am pregnant i am emotional and sensitive but still he is like that... I dont have money i have lots of debts because i gave up my career i did everything to prove my worth but he is not.. He never tell his family about me he never work outme to his family. All his family knew he was still with his wife.. Its kind of martyr and i was hoping him to change but he really cant throw away his peide his ego... Thats he is to cover his lapses his flaws his mistakes he always stand his ego and pride to defend himself to me.. I always beg him please him to change he always promise but always broken too.. I need enough enlightenments for me to have a firm decisions..and he wants that his annulment will let it him to handle without asking whats happening what is the statua unril its over... I dont know what else to do for the good of this relationship :(

Sep 9, 2015

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  • Leave him. Get child support. He will never be the man you want him to be. Stop making excuses for him. If he wanted to change, he would. If he wanted to be with you, he would. How can an annulment take that long? He's already proven that to you, you just chose to look the other way. He can tell you he's sorry all he wants, but actions speak louder than words. He's a big boy and can take care of himself. You have other things to be concerned this child - that's your priority now. Oh and keep in mind..there are no guarantees that he will come to you even if he leaves his wife and kid. Don't count on him. Count on you.

  • He had no loyalty to any woman or child - only his p****.

    You need to go to local welfare office til you can get back on your feet; being that you are pregnant that will be hard.

    My advice, concentrate on taking care of yourself and your baby - get back to school while you can (when the baby is young) otherwise you'll find yourself working 3 jobs. I have neighbors that have to leave their little ones alone because they cannot afford childcare or there are no openings.

    I guarantee you will not get child support either!

    Go back to school - medical field, science, accounting, IT all good!

    God Bless you

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