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This is the only place I've said/typed the words but I have herpes. Oral herpes from having the chicken pox as a young boy. I've been told that 90 percent of the American population has some strain of the disease but I've not encountered a single person with a visible sore. I've never had an STD in my life and I don't count this because it wasn't sexually transmitted. My issue is that I'm an anxiety ridden person and I tend to break out around my mouth a lot. Most look like pimples but from time to time I get a cold sore and it sticks around for a while. I'm not sure what to do or what to say to significant others of mine because I take care of it with medication and the most I can endanger someone is giving them the POSSIBILITY of shingles when they're older. I just hate the stigma that is built up around this "disease" because everyone is one to judge but really, the only effect it has on my life is being judged. It does hurt a bit but it doesn't interfere with anything. I'm a very clean, intelligent person but I live with this and it only stresses me out more.

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  • There are a lot of misinformation about herpes. HSV 1 (oral) and HSV 2 can appear in both areas. Which means you can transmit either one orally or vaginally.

    Yes, chicken pox is a form of herpes, but it isn't the same as the above two. You must've gotten your cold sores from someone else. We can infect someone else even though we don't have any visible signs.

    Cold sores are more common than you think. Use Abreva and there's also a prescription drug that can reduce the breakouts shorten the symptoms. Also, the breakouts get less and less the older you are.

    Go to a herpes chat room so you can learn from others on how to deal with it. Good luck.

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