Fights over the water fountain

There used to be fights over the water fountain when I was in high school. The situation was the schools fault because the water fountains were unsupervised.

I got around the problem by drinking two glasses of water before I went to school.

As often as not there was p*** colored rust in the fountain water anyway. After phys ed there should have been supervised drinking at the available water fountains and the teachers should have made sure everyone got their turn at the fountain.

I believe that choosing teaching as a career means you are too stupid to do anything else.

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  • *breathes* you have to be taught things so you can do something. Wat do you want to be? I guarantee you you’d need teachers to teach you that. Teachers teach basic life stuff too. So please, don’t say teachers aren’t smart or diss them for there job. In reality, they are the reason we get to do stuff and they should get paid more.

  • My uni degree could be turned into a teaching career in a heartbeat. I would literally rather work in a factory the rest of my life. There isn't enough money in the world to compensate for putting up with stupid, aggressive children who don't give a rip about boundaries or respecting others-- and don't get me started about their foul excuses for parents!

    If I'd gone into the military-- and ideally became some kind of special forces operative-- I MIGHT think about teaching as a semi-retirement career. Then I would have the chops (and equipment) to deal with not just these little barbarians, but also the "parents" and especially the school administration, which throws teachers under the bus daily.

    Give an ex-SEAL three days with a clutch of so-called "spectrum" children and watch their "uncontrollable" behaviors get curbed with a quickness. I've seen it happen.

  • Teachers are a bunch of self-righteous and self-important twats though. As if being a teacher makes you some kind of authority figure in society at large. You're just a normal person in an average-at-best job and you think you're a somebody. Sit down and shut up.

  • You're a teacher now, right? Monitoring fountains is your specialty. Seeing as how you're so smart that you graduate and this is the one thing you remember about high school.

  • I remember many things about high school. What I remember most is the teachers were either blissfully unaware or worse uncaring about the many bad things going on in school.

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