Water park

I went to a water park with bunch of peers from high school. My girl friends told me to cross my arms over my bikini top so the force of water down the slide would end up around my neck. It worked but splashed down at end of slide in three feet of water with my bottom gone with a crowd at the end looking at my **. Humiliating because some of the were boys from my class that now know I,m shaved down there.

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Earthworm Jim

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  • It does not matter ronda rousey won the wwe title

  • I'd like to see one example of poorly-dressed rowdy white teenagers prowling the streets, looking to beat a black boy to death, simply for being black. The kind of racism that not even the KKK would do. Yet the media will program you to feel that predators are dressed in uniforms, ready to kill any black child out of blind hatred for melanin or something. The media narrative is topsy-turvy.

  • So don't wear a bikini to a fun park?

  • I'm 52 now and grew up in the 80s.
    At the community pool, my friends and I would make sure our bikini tops were loose and come out of the pool in front of the guys with our top slipping to show off our **. We'd also walk by and pull out the 'wedge' to give them a show.
    Back then we'd always leave with a hot guy and have fun that evening.
    Those were the days.

  • You should probably stop shaving

  • That is terrible advice.

  • Would you rather people see your bush or your roast beef **?

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