Even though school has only just started and I don't even take ap or honors classes, I'm stressed as f*** that I can't do my homework without forgetting how to do something. This SAT s*** is stressing me out to the brink as well. I don't get why Texas has to have such a s*** school program. This sucks

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  • Take some deep breaths and focus. List your priorities and tackle them one assignment at a time. When you need help in a subject, get a tutor. You're going to be okay. SATs - take the courses to help you prepare for them. I have to say, being out of school for a long time .. I still don't necessarily understand their purpose. But it's a necessary evil that every student in the U.S. has to take. But don't fret either, you can take them more than once. Just do your best, that's all you can do. When you get your score, you'll be able to talk to a counselor to figure out your next steps. You can also opt to go to a community college for a couple of years after graduating and then transfer to a university. You still will have to take some placement tests, SATs may no longer be needed to transfer. Confirm this with someone in your state or with colleges that you are interested. Ask what requirements are needed for freshmen vs. transfers.

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