I kind of cheated on my boyfriend at a house party last weekend. It went on late so a bunch of us stayed over night. My friend gave us blankets and pillows to sleep in. There was only one bed in the room I stayed in so my friend Sarah slept in that and I camped out of the floor with my friends Tom and Jason. We turned the lights out and it was pitch black. I was starting to fall alsleep but the boys kept fidgeting and at some point Jason placed his hand over my waist. Before I knew it he had his hand up my top. I lay frozen. I knew it was wrong but I was really h****. Tom also put his hand on me and started to touch me up. I had two hands all over my body. They cupped my t*** and rubbed my p****. In the moment I didn't think about my boyfriend, I could only focus on how wet it was making me. Jason penetrated me with his fingers. It felt so good but I knew I had to stop. I got up to go to the bathroom and when I came back I got in bed with my friend Sarah so they couldn't do it again. But now I'm conflicted. I feel such guilt because my boyfriend is to sweet. But I also can't stop fantasizing about having two boys have their way with me. I keep thinking about what would have happened if Sarah weren't in the room. Would i have let them both f*** me? That makes me feel more guilty but I was m********* and think about it.

Sep 17, 2015

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  • You missed a great opportunity!

  • How old are you? If marriage is a long way just have fun. I dont even think you know how it feels like yet to have a earth shattering o*****. Just experiment what you can safely. Marriage will be really tough if you always wonder how certain s** acts feels.

  • Do they know your bf? If they can keep a secret. Why not. How serious are you with your bf. If you dont plan on getting married. You are more than likely missing out and will have other dic ks in your life.

  • They don't know him. I really care about him but marriage is a long way away. I just don't know.

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