I'm sorry

I was dropping off my cats at my parents place and my mom caught me crying. I couldn't tell her when she asked why, that I've been spiraling down for awhile since I moved out. I've even started to hide in the basement from my roommates to hide my crying. I keep thinking of killing myself and if there wasn't going to be such backlash and bills from it, I would simply walk away and die. But I wouldn't burden them with those bills. Not when I know they're struggling. I've tried to reach out. I tried to warn someone, anyone. When I got pulled over, I tried to warn the cop, but he only grabbed his gun and got mean with me.

I just want a long hug with no questions and someone telling me it'll be alright...but that's just seeking attention. I don't know if I can do this anymore. I'm just so tired of pretending I'm ok.

Sep 16, 2015

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  • (((hugs))) Maybe you need to talk to your mom to release your frustrations and possibly help you find a solution to your problems. You're trying to be stoic and independent, but, the fact is, sometimes we all need help, need to lean on someone for a while, and have our breaking point. There is nothing wrong with that. You're not being weak. You're being human living in the real world.

    I've had moments like yours. Fortunately I have a husband who understands and lets me talk about it to find a solution. Or at least let me vent. Let your mom be that person?

    We're listening and you'll be all right. Your post is NOT a narcissistic attention seeking behavior. You're reaching out to us so you can sort out your emotions to give your strength to keep going. Post again and I'll answer every time. Take care.

  • Please talk to someone and ask for help. Post here again, we are listening. It will be alright and there is absolutely nothing wrong with seeking attention.

  • Hugs sweetie! A lot of us are struggling! Would help to know some specifics.

    Do you miss your cats? Are you lonely. You can be in a room full of people and still be alone - maybe you should move back home dear

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