Getting old and running out fo esperiences to vent or write about

I'm nearly seventy years old and I;ve been writing some confessions and some stories here. I've told all of the good ones already. Stories about girlfriends, word, experiences overall. Some of the stories got a lot of votes and some didn't.

Life is short and for the most part boring. I went through school, worked and retired. For all I know I;m on the verge of dying. I do not have a single friend whom I have know from childhood. They all died. Heart disease, diabetes, cancer, renal failure have taken every friend I had when I was young.

I've been through some good times and some very horrible times and as time goes on it doesn't get any better.

When I do die I'll be in good company.

Sep 18, 2015

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  • Do you have any neighbors you could vent about - my neighborhood is right out of Twilight Zone ;)

  • Then you better shut down that computer of yours, book a trip or a cruise and get some more living in. Stop looking on an anonymous site for votes to justify or validate your stories. Live your life. You're not even 70 yet, you're not dead.

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