What's your story?

I've met dozens of people on chat apps and sites like omegle. While i didn't keep talking to every single one of them, several of them I currently consider close friends, two of them are my best friends. I've met a wide range of people
An exotic dancer from Turkey, a ballet dancer from Virginia, a few active duty and retired military personnel, a young girl whose father owns a pecan farm and enjoys a life of ease and pleasure. I made a friend of a guy by giving him relationship advice. The other day I had a brief conversation with a young woman in her early twenties but already had a five year old daughter, and worked as a waitress at a club.
Perhaps it's because I'm bored with my own life at the moment, but I love learning about others, particularly those with stories to tell. I like to think people enjoy telling me their story because I do not criticize or judge; nothing is off the table, and I listen, simply happy to meet new people. What's yours? Did you grow up in a rough neighborhood learning how to fight? Are you an Army brat settling into a new town for a few months before packing everything up once more? Girl or woman selling her body and need a friend that won't interact with her solely because of her "occupation" and appearance? Have you grown up wealthy and sheltered but always secretly hoped for a life of adventure and excitement?
Please be respectful when commenting, and I hope the trolls refrain from filling up the comments with ludicrous stories.
Remember, NOTHING is off the table! :)

Apr 18, 2017

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  • My story is none of your f****** business!

  • Need a new story, this one is tragic so far

  • You wouldn't believe me if I told you.

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