All of you

I confess that I want to meet every single person that posts on this site. Not to judge, but so that I KNOW that these are real people like me, and not just some people posting fake stories to get people off... I mean, I know most if not all of them are true, but I want to SEE them... all of them... because every. single. one. of these stories relates to me in some way...

And you're probably thinking the exact same thing...

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  • My name is Alexis, I am stuck in a relationship with someone that lives with me at my parents house, I hate my life so much. I have no friends, I dropped out of school, And I want to get out :/
    Most of these posts I relate to,
    Im just tired of feeling alone
    I don't know what to do...
    I wish I had friends

  • You have more friends than you realize. Leave. If you're looking for a sign, here it is. Leave. If you're not old enough, then work hard to leave when you can. Focus on getting out. Make it your life to leave.

    If you are old enough, get a s*****-ass job and work to leave. work hard, because it's worth it to be away. this relationship you're stuck in will be a bad memory one day. and if it was truly meant to be, that'll work itself out without you worrying about it.

    Run, and stay safe, because you have more friends than you realize.

    (-original poster)

  • i'm really not sure if people are reading this post correctly. i'm saying all of you have something in common with me, and every story i read, albeit taken with a grain of salt, relates to me, and i'd like to meet you to talk it out. i know this site allows us to do that, but on an anonymous scale. that's my confession, that i'm not satisfied with anonymity. i want to know you and see you in this very vulnerable state. not like i'm GOING to, but that's why it's a confession. to say it so it's said. i don't want to judge you or say your story is fake. i just want to know. like KNOW-know. not just have you say it.

  • I've been molested, and that's the honest truth. The perp is now serving time in jail. Don't be so quick to judge cause you just never know.

  • I never experienced the desire to cut myself or commit suicide. I see too much of that here and can only hope the people who express these things are experiencing temporary emotions and do not follow through.

  • Yeah, I agree with you. Any story about sexual molestation here I take with a grain of salt. I figure most of them are written by child molesters and rapists - they all seem to be looking for others to say what they've done is OK - which it isn't. They post as the victim but their stories are easy to see through. I hope the cops catch them.

  • I am a frequent poster and reader of this site and yes, most of the s** "confessions" look pretty fake.

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