I hate my best friend's new boyfriend

My best friend recently got with a guy and when she told me who it was I was speechless. The guy is the biggest a****** ever.
Let me explain, I've known this guy for about 10 years and I know he doesn't treat girls right, and dumps them after a couple months because they're "not good enough".
My friend only recently transfered to my school and when she did she was given a place next to this guy, let's call him Johnny, in one of the classes that we have together. That same day after class was finished, I was walking home with Johnny, as I do everyday because he lives not far from me, and the first thing he asked me was who the girl sat next to him was. Naturally, I wasn't suspecting anything because I thought he was still dating his ex girlfriend. However, after that, he didn't stop going on about how hot she is and asked me for her phone number. I didn't give it to him at first, but at that same time as I was walking, I was texting my friend and was making plans for that weekend. I asked if she was ok with me giving Johnny her number and she said there was no problem.
However, when I told Johnny that me and my friend were making plans for that weekend, he straight away asked if he could come too. I said why not because I thought I was gonna make it to make sure he wasn't being weird or creepy to her, however, I was asked to look after my little brother, as my mom had an emergency at work and had to rush to her office. I tend texted an apology to my friend and told her about my situation. She told me it was fine and that she'd take Johnny to her house as the weather wasn't great. I didn't think anything of that because she told me that she didn't like him and the she'd never date him.
At one point in the day, I tried getting to her but she wasn't replying. I let it go and went to bed early.
The next morning I tried again and she finally replied, she said that he stayed at her house till late and she didn't have time to check her phone. She also said that she had something to tell me but I couldn't tell anyone. I told her that I wouldn't tell anyone. She then started to hesitate but finally told me that he asked her to be his girlfriend.
I actually don't know how to feel because this guy is a massive a****** that has broken a lot of other girl's hearts, and my best friend agreed to date him after meeting him once. I know that he will toy around with her and then leave her, but I don't want her to blame me because I was the one who got them to meet. I really don't know how to feel.


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  • I agree with the comment below that if his patterns are to break up after two months, you'll have your friend back. But if his old patterns are going to break because maybe he really likes her..let her figure it out. Because he'll show her who he really is. Be her friend and be his friend and just let them work it out.

  • You said he dumps girls after two months, which means this relationship will only last that long. Sure, she'll get hurt, but that'll happen with most if not all relationships. Just be there for her when he breaks up with her. For now, hold back the criticism and don't say anything negative about Johnny or you'll lose her as a friend.

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