Trying something new

I really want to try gay s**, I want a man to take control of me, strip me naked and thrust his d*** deep inside my ass. I want him to start gentle on me, I've only ever used fingers or my wife's small vibrator, and then to start fuc.king me like I'm a gay s***. I want him to c** in my ass too. I don't want him to use a condom, I want to feel his c*** with nothing inbetween!

I also want to f*** a guy but I only have a 5 inch d***, is this big enough for gay men? I want to reach around and j*** them off too and see who c*** first. Since I have no control it'll probably be me (small d*** and c*** fast I know :( ) so I'll turn the guy over and suck on his d*** until I feel him c**, I'll show him and swallow.

Any guys turned on by this? Does what I want to do sound good?

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  • Sounds great, wish I could join you

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