Im a sissy boy

Im wearing my 24yo roomies pink playboy panties masterbating to gay p*** .earlier tonite I called a gay phone chatline and I got 4 men off in a row. Tonite I called myself Jacklyn and said whatever they wanted to hear as they jerked and came. 1 guy wanted to hear me c** as I told him about my roommate theresa he wanted to f*** my ass as I licked Theresa ass I actually did c** in Theresas panties as he moaned out he was c****** in Jacklyns a****** .like I always done since I first came in my sisters panties I lixked my mess up I w.ish I was swallowing his hot c**.

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  • I started by smelling my mother's dirty panties. She knew it and must have liked it because she would leave them under my pillow. My friend liked to suck my d*** while I sniffed Mom's panties. I like to wear them too.

  • I wear panties 24/7. Wife likes to feel me up through my panties and after I get hard she watches me m*********.

  • I started wearing my sister's panties at a young age and continue to do so after years and years of repressing it. Go with it if it makes you feel good.

  • Me too, as soon as she was toilet trained and I would let her watch mecum

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