I hate lesbians and I hate myself for it

I confess that I had lesbians. Years ago I had a girl I was in love with, planning on proposing too, the whole nine yards. And she cheated on me with my best friend, a lesbian girl I trusted implicitly. This led to me losing all of my friends suddenly and violently as all of my formerly loyal friends preferred her and my gf over me.

This led to a gradual hatred built on every girl in the teenage years on the sites I used proclaiming themselves gay or bi whether for attention or for real. I still believe in equality, lesbians deserve to get married and have relationships, adopt. I won't deny them that and I would never physically harm them

At the same time though, I'm enraged when they're around, my stomach bubbles and my hands ball into fists. My new friends, who I'm thankful to say are some of the best you can have, see this as my one big fault. I can't get over it. And I have tried

I just wanted to confess it

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  • Sounds like lesbians remind you of your ex-gf and her lover. Find a way to let it go. Usually by dating someone else. Otherwise, you seem to have a fair view of lesbians and is a good guy.

  • People are People weather they are Gay or Straight. I knew a Women and her Husband had Cheated on her 25yrs ago. She Divorced him and never had a relationship with anyone again. Not everyone Cheats, and you should just let it go.

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