Confession of a 14 year old crossdresser

Hi. I'm 14 and I'm here to confess what I can't to my family I need to say this. I'm a 14 year old boy and I like to dress as a girl. My mom is kind of snoopy so I can't wear make up. I dress in anything I can get my hands on. I steal panties from the dirty clothes pile to keep and wear at night. Well I don't think my mom would approve of any of this. I cry because I want to be free enough to dress like this in public infront of my friends,family, and even strangers. I just wanted to confess. I need help....



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  • There is nothing wrong with cross dressing, though you may want to wash the dirty panties... I am in the same predicament. The best thing you could possibly do is find someone who understands you. (E.g. A friend, girlfriend, relatives...) Tell them and you'll feel a whole lot better. Worse they will do is scoff. (Btw don't cry over it. The older you get, the more freedom you will have to cross dress.

  • You should be yourself and feel comfortable with yourself. When the time is right,tell your family. There's nothing wrong with crossdressing and you don't need help, but please stop stealing dirty panties.

  • I meant "because they're different" not "because they're coherent" sorry, I'm using swype on my phone, so mistakes are bound to happen.

  • There is NOTHING wrong with cross dressing. Do you think you might be transgendered? If so there is a lot of support out there to help you deal with it (not change it, there's nothing wrong TO change). Are you a nice person, other than hiding this (because at your age and in your situation you have to), are you generally honest? Do you care about others? If you answered yes to these questions, there is nothing whatsoever bad or shameful about you. I am a mom of a 4 1/2 year old daughter, and I tell her "yes, most girls grow up to be women, and most boys grow up to be men, but not always. Some girls feel like they should have been boys, and some boys feel like they should have been girls, and that's okay, when they get older doctors can help those boys to become women, and girls to become men. And some girls just like to dress like boys, and some boys just like to dress like girls, and that's okay too." As young as she is, all she cares about is how people treat each other (and she thinks all these ways of being are cool). I wish more adults understand what little kids understand before they're taught to hate and judge good people because they're coherent. You hang in there guy, this world is shifting for the better in the areas of acceptance of the variety of expressions of gender and sexuality. Watch the L project's video "It does get better" Much love, and again, hang in there!

  • I think that as long as you like it, it should be okay. As a girl, I have indulged in cross-dressing as a boy before and have been able to pull it off quite well. Parents will always be against it.
    By the way, you shouldn't wear dirty underwear.

  • Not all of the parents, I'm a parent and there's nothing wrong with it :-)

  • There's nothing you need help with. What you enjoy is not abnormal. a lot of people do this in secret and that's perfectly fine. You don't have to let anyone know. Keep doing it in secret and don't ever think there's anything wrong with you.

  • You must not worry ,I have been a cross dresser all my 70yrs of life & still indulge in wearing blouses in public.Enjoy your life & be yourself, you will not go wrong

  • It's a difficult question.At 14 your homones are all over the place.I would just sit tight for now and see if you grow out of this phase.You don't mention if you are gay or straight.I have always enjoyed wearing female underwear,panties & stockings,however it is my kinky secret and only people I talk to on the net who don't know my real identity know my secret.It sounds like you are a cross dresser,you are one of millions if you are,try not to worry too much about coming out and just enjoy yourself for now.

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