Theory about life...

Sitting here sick and laying in bed. I can’t help but to think. My body, in too much pain to actually let itself fall into a deep slumber of relaxation and unconsciousness. My fingers type away at the keyboard because my brain is obsessed with an object of its infatuation with another man. My brain, the damn thing making me angry because it has an impossible obsession. A thirst that can never be quenched, a need that can never be satiated, and a want that Time will never give. We live in a world where no one is perfect, and yet we find comfort and content with judging others. Worse, we are even more comfortable at being content with miser-ability because we fear the exact thing we’re so content doing. We are in control of our lives, and yet we let other’s opinions dictate what we say and do with it. Instead of grabbing life and taking what all it has to offer, we tread right on top of a very thin line. The thin line of living and surviving. We can’t live too much because others will judge us, but if we survive too long, eventually, we fall harder than anyone could imagine. Or we get to life’s end and regret not living at all. From family, to friends, to Religion; we allow every other entity to control our choices except, ourselves. My hypothesis is, the key ingredient of living, is remembering that “we” are in control of our actions. No ones eyes, thoughts, expressions, or feelings will go with us when our time is up, and Time is here to collect. Yet, we fear all of the above during life, and only in death do we realize, other people’s thoughts, other people’s feelings towards our own personal choices, they aren’t going with us. They aren’t going to take your place in death, unlike how we let them take the place of our own thoughts and wants in life. My theory, live, and live hard, love even harder, and f*** the world’s thoughts about you.

“The world knows nothing”

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