everything is going wrong

I recently got married. I love my wife, but I lost my job and we are running out of money. we are really behind on our bills and and we are about to lose everything. I am so stressed out all of the time...I'm trying to find a job, but I cant find anything that comes close to what I was making. sometime I think about wanting to die. because it would get my wife out of the finacial situation she is in.

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  • Lower your standards!

  • dont be one of those f****** who kills their whole family save your family and get some help!

  • Seek help from local churches and orgs like Salvation Army

  • so how were you plannin on killin yourself?

  • It is amazing how many older couples say that their happiest times were when they were just married, had no money, and lived in a crappy apartment. Everyone needs to make the most of their situation.

  • If you need a job i have the perfect thing for you. Rob banks! Welcome to the club.

  • ^ Good advice. Make ends meet now, career move later.

  • You didn't mention, is SHE working?

    Also, instead of holding out for something "close to what you were making," maybe take something temporary to stretch the funds you DO have.

  • Hold on. There are millions of people in the same situation. You just need to get through the next few months until things can get better. Cut out all non-necessities and spend that time cuddling.

  • Dumb. She'd probably rather have you.

  • Dumb. She gets cash and you get dead.

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