It was my fault.

I was 10 and stayed at my best friends house.
I will never forget this every detail.
I was playing with Tina my friend I always got to visit when it was her weekend to stay with her dad.
Anyway I really didn’t know or realize my actions would do but Tina got a shower and i just put on my night shirt while I waited and set in living room with her dad.
We were talking and I noticed him looking ar my legs.
I smiled and just pulled up my shirt so he could see clear up to my panties.
Not thinking anything of it.
He laugh and said you teasing me?
I remember I didn’t know and that’s what i said.
He said you like showing me your body?
I shrugged.
Raise it on up.
So i did.
I didn’t have t*** but I remember they were just starting to point out.

I droped it real quick and he said you are a teaser .
Tina came out right after that and it was time for bed.
We started to go and he told Tina to go with out me and I would be in a little bit.
Tina left and Mike had me come to bathroom with him,
He locked door sat on toilet and told me to take my clothes off.
I did not thinking of it then i asked why?
Just needed to see you he said.
Of course i asked why?
He said nothing and pulled me too him. Rubbing me then he had me kiss him.
I he shut the lights out and had put me on his lap
At time I didn’t know what we were doing.
But he had me setting my back to me his c*** between my legs and told me to hold my legs together tight.
So i did and he f***** me between my legs rubbing against my p**** till he came.
Of course I didn’t know and it was dark at the time.
I remember his c** all over me my legs were wet but I didn’t know at time.
A few years later I remember and knew.
He turned lights on has his sweats up again
And rubbing his stuff all over me.
He then wiped it off and i went to bed.
The next morning i got up Tina was already up.
Mike and her came out of bathroom at same time tina was all happy when the came out and we went and played.
Later he took me in bed room and pulled my pants down and had to save a long story had me standing between his legs he took down his pants. First time i seen a d***
And he lay me on edge of bed and rubbed it uo and down me till I thought at time it was pee
But he came.
This went on for a few months.
One week i knew Tina was home i went over and walked in her and her dad didn’t hear me.
I saw him doing with her like me but his back was too me tina was laying on bed. He was in her at time I didn’t realize but he was in her.
And he was telling her how good she was
I wasn’t supposed to be over till later so i left.
That night when i was there we were on couch he told Tina to get a shower. She protested and he whiped her he was angry never seen him like that i was scared. He yelled at me. He was drunk.
He took his c*** out when Tina was in shower
And made me suck him. He choked me shoving it in my mouth. I was crying and he told me to stop crying. He left and he came back with Tuna and told her to show me how to suck. She did then he sat her beside me and spread her legs and stuck his c*** in her. I could tell he hurt her she didn’t cry though then he pulled our and tried to do me he couldn’t and he then used spit and. Made it slippery and he pushed in. It hurt bad and he was rough he pulled out and came in my face and left room i was bleeding some and i was scared so i ran out and went home naked.
Cops came they took me and Tina to hospital and Mike got 10 years.
Its my fault I’m the one that teased him.
Years later talking to Tina the first time he molested her was that morning i got up and they were in bathroom.
I know what people will say.
But that night before i was teasing.
I had saw my mom and her BF doing it the week before and i was curious.
I showed him leg like my mom did her BF
I told him i liked it that first time like i heard my mom say.
So I shouldn’t of ran out.
Im 23 you are not in my shoes.
He’s out and i told him i was sorry.
I sneak over and see him sometimes my husband don’t know but it makes me feel better when i with him

Jan 8, 2020

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  • Therapy will help.

  • Get professional help wtf.....

  • When I was 10 yo, my uncle (28 yo) used to take me on his lap, push one hand into my knicker and fondle my p**** with is fingers, and stroke my tiny little b**** (almost nothing to show off). I used to love the feeling his was giving to me. I could feel his h****** - throbbing from time to time. One day he asked me to show my p****, I complied, he kissed it and suck it for some time that led to spurts of my pee into his mouth - he just gulped it, while pushing his hand towards my b****. I lifted my dress, he sucked my b**** too. This went on for quite sometime and by 12, I developed a quite handful of b**** that was a pride for me. But we never f***** as he left our town. Wish he could f*** me!!

  • I would have done that to you at 2

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