Showing you my wife

I want people to see pics of my hot wife's body and w***
And tell me what they would love to do to her
My wife is also my mistress and she pushed me to do this
Intrestid ???

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  • I was traveling an interstate in the northern US in mid December; it was cold and after 8pm when I stopped at an exit with a mom and pop style station with my brand of gas. A tall, thin man in his mid 3o's came out to tell me that pump was broken guiding me to the only working pump right outside the window to the station/quasi convenience store. As I moved I noticed a mobile home in the back with a man coming out. I had to go into the store to leave my card to pump gas and, as I came out, the guy was waiting to go in. While I was pumping that guy left for his car with two guys behind him; he got into a car and they disappeared beside the station. I'm inside alone with the man getting a soda and some chips asking how if he knew of any inexpensive motels in the area as I was not going to my NYC before midnight and I'd rather start early. He was a very personable guy and we chatte4d a few minutes. He asked about my wife (seeing my wedding ring) and when I asked if he had a wife and children he said, we don't want kids - they get in our way. See, we are swingers. My wife just f***** the man who left and is waiting for me to f*** the other two. Then he hand me a picture od a beautiful blonde with her legs wide open holding her p**** lips apart. I was hard in 10 seconds. Then he invited me back for some fun. He put a closed until 10pm on the door and we went back to his wife with one in her p**** and one in her mouth. Before we finished a knock came to the door and it was a local state trooper stopping for a visit before his shift began. That was some 30 years ago and I still j******* to it all - including the state trooper and husband doing a 69 while me and the other 3 filled every orifice in her body...before they sucked our c****.

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