I cant do anything about this.

I have 3 best friends 2 are girls and 1 is a guy. Ive known him for almost 10 years of my life. I started falling for him 2 years after knowing him. I have such deep feelings for him. I just cant do anything about it. I've been in relationships with guys but still felt attracted to him. I've watched him be with girls who he thought was absolutely perfect. I've been there for him when they broke his heart. I want more than a friendship but i dont wanna ruin anything. I mean like Id rather have a friendship than nothing. He tells me everything and I tell him pretty much everything except for the fact that I want him. He tells me all the time about the perfect girl he wants to marry and he just cant seem to find her anywhere and everything he points out is me, but i cant say anything. I mean sometimes i get vibes that he likes me, like when i catch him staring at me for a really long time, or when he holds my hand when we watch movies. He even calls me his beautiful, but then hes like "Oh my god, look at that girl. I'm gonna go get her number." I remember being in high school and people would ask if we were dating because we were always together, and when i would say were just friends people would be surprised and say that we look perfect for each other. Still to this day I get people telling me that. I just wish i could tell him how I feel and hopefully he would like me the same way, but if he didnt I know it would be extremely awkward. I just wanna come out and tell him.

Oct 17, 2011

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  • Me and you are sharing the exact same situation. I wish I could help, but I'm afraid to tell him how i feel as well. Life and love, what are we to do.

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