I think im a timebomb

I am beginning to scare myself, almost every night i have dreams about murder and rape examples are like picking my little brother up from school taking him to a near by construction yard tying him up and beating him to death with a sledge hammer or the time i dreamed i went to a school dance with a gun and open fire i then took a girl hostage and escaped to a warehouse where i raped her before tying her to the floor and letting dogs eat her. this has been happening with increasing ferocity since i was 8 i'm 13 now and its starting to seep into my life the other day i was cooking and had to physically hold myself back from stabbing the girl in front of me and today during PE without even thinking i beat one of my friends over the head with a table tennis bat i told him it was an accident and we made up but i'm scared it wont stop there. i mean i didn't even consciously hit him it just happened like breathing completely natural... help me!

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  • Copy and paste what you wrote here and print it out. Take it to your principles office next time you go to school. The wise ones will be there to help soon.

  • You should get some help asap

  • Join the military. Pick infantry and have your parents waiver you in when you are 17. Uncle Obama need guys like you to serve. You will get great weapons trainging in the Infantry. You can volunteer to live out your dreams and be praised. Why is the sky blue? Because god loves the infantry. You will get the meaning.

  • I think u need to devlop your will power. do u know inside our heads we have a power which can be controlled by us .there is no specific way to control it . everyone is different and so everyone has a different way.the dreams u r talking about seem to guide u in a wrong way towards the wrong thing.try and search the hidden meaning in your dreams and try to focus on your will power..if still things do not come around correctly then talk to the creator and ask for his guidance..

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