Massively obese men?

Anyone out there? Just thought you could maybe use a little love. I'm in my 20s, tiny, cute in an alt kind I'd way, and nothing turns me on like an incredibly fat man. That's the basics of it.

Other, slightly more twisted things that are bonuses.

*you have a huge c***. so many fat men are um, not especially proportional
*you have a small c*** - and between your weight and that - we struggle to f***. you get oddly hot every time I playfully tease you about it
*you're older than me. The more so the better.
*you're well off, and would enjoy spoiling me ;) (not just because I like things, it just really turns me on)
*you are still gaining weight, or would with the right encouragement. Either intentionally because it turns you on, or unintentionally bc you have no self control... but you oddly find that turning you on - especially when a cute girl is into it.
*you think the contrast between yourself and a small partner would be a turn on
*you'd enjoy making me squirm and teasing me with ill-fitting clothes, talking about your weight or what you ate, what things are difficult because of that massive belly, etc.

Sound sexy to anyone else?

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