My husband cheated on me with hookers

Four years ago I found out that my husband had been having s** with hookers. He says it was about 15 times, in places all over the world while he was on business trips. He also spent thousands of dollars in strip clubs, and spent hours looking at p*** online and in magazines. I was so stupid and blind and never suspected a thing. We have four beautiful children and have been married for 18 years now. He says he has confessed everything and has been working hard to not return to his old habits, and as far as I can tell he hasn't. I know he loves me and our family and I love him dearly. He is my best friend and the only man I have ever loved. I can't tell anyone about this - my family would be devastated and our friends would never look at us the same way again. He is the only one I can talk to about how I feel. I try to carry on for the sake of our kids but I am destroyed. I have been sad and in pain for four years. I can't even remember what it feels like to be happy. I wish I could press a fast-forward button on my life and be done with it. It just feels like everything is over.

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  • get some theraphy pleaseee
    it really helps I promise:)

  • Please get checked for std's first.Get one on one therapy.Get therapy for your children before and after you divorce him.Get a new best friend.Marriage isn't just about f****** and anyone on here who believes this should never ever get married.It does get boring with the same person I have been married 16 yrs but I do noy go around having random s** with strangers because am not a s** addict like your husband.Am sorry but my trust would be gone,I hope your ok and moved on and out.

  • s**** all of the above monkeys and their brainless pandering advice. Get used to the fact that all guys like p***. Even that guy from the gym with the cute butt that you check out every time you're there. So what if he's not 100% pure? You aren't either. He probably really does love you. isn't that what counts?

  • Divorce his ass

  • I think the only way it is reasonable to cheat is if the cheater has confronted his/her partner about what is needed, sexually, BEFORE the cheating begins... I say if the partner FAILS to listen and respond to the "soon to be" cheater's needs, then h*** with it, I say CHEAT......

  • DIvorce his ass, I'm sorry but your kids have to understand, daddy was givin it in the ass, now he's gonna take it in the ass, I'm so sick of this for the kids mentality, It doesn't matter how long ago it happened, cheating is cheating!

  • No f*** the above ass clown. If you think outside the box and please him the way he needs he wouldn't look elseware. A b****** a day keeps the hookers away.

    Rack the Jipper

  • Don't listen to eithe ro fthe last two idiots. Your husband betrayed your trust and that can't be erased by blaming you for anything. So to Site Shrink & the d*** above- f*** off. The only thing the OP can do is what she is doing- venting in frustration and trying to carry on as best she can. Good luck OP. It sucks, but the rewards for you maintaining your integrity when others don't pay off in ways you might not see in thi slife but I bet you will.

  • The commenter above me has a point if his assumptions are correct. If you don't fulfill his fantasies then you can't get mad at him for finding someone who will. A lot of times we tend to want to take the easy road out and only give our spouse\\boyfriend\\girlfriend only what we want to give them and then expect them to just be happy with it. As if to say you should be lucky I'm giving you anything at all. But what we (women especially) have to understand is that if we don't give our mate what they are looking for there is always somebody who's willing and ready to step in. Besides you pass up on something you've been wanting for a long time and somebody was right there saying here take it. Or all you need is 50 bucks and it's yours.

    But sometimes it doesn't matter. You can do everything they want, give them everything and still they go and find something else. Because unless you spice it up s** with the same person becomes boring and routine. Then you look for something else. But most of the time you realize that what you had isn't so bad after you experienced someone else. Anyway he's changed and it's been four years. Try to move one.


  • Strip clubs and p*** are perfectly legitimate sexual releases--get that stick out of your ass and go enjoy some yourself. As for hookers, maybe he wouldn't be seeing them if you'd get down and suck some c*** every once in a while. Ever given him a b****** in a dark alley? Ever taken it from behind? Ever let him c** on your face or swallowed his load? No? Well then, don't b**** about him finding someone else to fulfill his fantasies. Wives who don't offer their husbands anything but vanilla s** (or no s**) have no right to complain about them finding another release. S** is necessary, s** is good, s** is an innate human right.

  • Well, he must have had a reason for doing it. Have the two of you considered couples' therapy?

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