i steal peoples underwear

I steal ladies underwear.
At the moment it's off the neighbors washing line, because that's what's convenient. But i'll also happily take it from their drawers if I happen to be in their house and i don't think they'll catch me.
Luckily i don't socialise that much.
I don't use the underwear for anything, like jerking off on them. i just kind of collect them. I kinda get a rush from the fact that i get away with it in the dark of night, as well as the fact that my contraption for actually taking them off the line works so well.

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  • I did that when I was a teenage, but I do wear them and jerking off on them.

  • fruit

  • I'd like to tell you that it's a trained gerbil with a robotic arm attached, but it's really a lot more mundane. Sorry to disappoint.
    - OB

  • Tell us your contraption, I'm intrigued.

  • What kind of 'contraption' are you using? Because I have a patent on the one I use. If it's anything close to mine...I want royalties!

  • way to go good job

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