Girls Dance class- girls being girls

I started dancing kinda late, 10 years old, some of the girls my age and the older girls are way older than me. I have made a lot of friends since I don't go to school with many of these. There is this girl who is a couple of years older than me and is very nice to me all the time, before and after class. A year or so went by and we were changing one time and amber says Emily it's time to go without the panties under my leotard. I say really? She says yes that she did away with hers when she was 10. I didn't do it but I told my mom later that night and she said I could if I was comfortable with it. A few weeks by and then I started to do it. When just her and I were changing for class a few months later Amber says good idea to finally ditch your panties, now we need to keep that hair off above your p**** since it is coming in. I say what? I was kinda proud that I was getting a little hair there, now she wants me to remove it. She looks at me and when she wisks her panties off to get into her dance leotard she says see, I keep mine off. She then says for me to ask my move to spend the night at her house and she will help me. I just said ok, but didn't really want to do it. I was 12 and kinda liked that their. A few weeks went by and she asked me again to stay the night with her, I said I would see. After practice she asked my mom if I could stay that night with her. My mom says that's a splendid idea. I didn't want to upset Amber so I went along. I won't lie, I did have fun going to dinner and doing things with her, but when it got dark and it was time to turn in for the night Amber says to me, tonight is the night your p**** hair comes off. She says for me to remove my clothes. I slowly undo my blouse, then I unsnap my shorts and am down to my bra and panties, she is already in a nightie with just panties. She says to go and sit next to her on her bed. I do as she asks. She says that I have a nice body for almost being 13, I say thanks, she says have any boys felt me up yet? I say no. She says if I ever rub myself. I reply very little. She tells me everybody does it and not to be shy. She then leads me to her bathroom and tells me to take my panties off. I do as she says. She says you don't have much, that it will be easy. She tells me to sit on the tub and Within minutes my pubic hair has been removed. She moves my legs gently apart and she says wow,...your going to need a guy with a huge ding-d*** with a p**** like that. You are blessed!!! I have be embarrassed about my genitalia area ever since she has said this to me. Should I be?

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  • Love to watch you lick each other

  • Show us your little p****...

  • The normal thing to do now.

  • Huge teen t*** I bet.

  • Keep it bare and bald, even if your almost 13, best thing for girl your age.

  • I would love too see your p*****.....

  • A huge bald p****, that's a nice c*** 4 a girl your age. I bet everyone here agrees.

  • Heck no one day you will know it is a good thing

  • Better now that little girls have no hair on their preteen p*****. Taste and feel better...

  • You there baby...

  • Keep it bald sweetie

  • Agreed. Preteen and young teen p**** is best ever and tastes and feels amazing.

  • Do you want your little vaginas licked baby.

  • I like pubic hair with small kittens

  • How old you hun..

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