I really love animals. I always cry any

I really love animals. I always cry any time an animal in a movie dies or when my friends talk about kicking their dogs. They are stupid! Oh no, I'm crying now! Somebody help me.

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  • Yeah but i rather the animal die and free of suffering and pain then seeing it in such misery.

  • A lot of the time i would care more if an animal died on a movie or something than a person dying i guess cause i feel like the animal is so innocent.

  • K dude wat the h*** is wrong with u, do u care about anything besides urself if anyone is retarted its u.

  • im actually like that if i see like animals suffering.

  • The Jain doctrine of Ahimsa is a fine way to live life. Its difficult to do and you'll be mocked for it, but thats up to you to let the insults hurt you.
    But you can't save them all, and don't become a vet or vets helper. It'll destroy you as you're forced to help by putting them out of their misery.

  • ur right, animals have feelings too and they should not b abused or killed. have u seen all the torture they go throu? it sux ass. they dont deserve to go through torment.

  • animals are just like humans and you r doing the right thing caring about them!!!! and u r definetly not f****** retarded!!

  • oh you are a f****** r***** just like all the other animal rights activists its an animal not a human next you are going to be asking if its wrong if you have s** with your dog shut the h*** up

  • I don't see this as a problem. A lot of people like animals a lot. A lot of people cry when they see hurt animals.

  • I have a lot of friends who are really in love with animals. They will do anything to save snails from the road, footpath, etc. They even care for sick birds in their spare time.

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