I am deeply hurt!

I came to this country some 22 years ago to attend college. In these years I am seeing myself becoming paranoid and fearful of white people. Over and over again I found many of them to smile at my face and then try hurting me. My brother's wife who is white was the first one. We kept showering her with gifts and love and she kept putting us (my family) down. She unwelcome my parents into my brother's house and said many means things about our culture and tradition. I am from a very progressive muslim family and she mocked us and treated us poorly. It was very painful. After college when I had no where to go she unwelcomed me in her house. I literally lived on NY streets not having any place to live while trying to find job. I spend 3 years homeless. I have not seen my brothers house for years and probably never will.
In college department secretary changed my grade for A to C and when my teachers found out her reply was that I did not deserve it. In LI NY I had lady yelled at me and told me to leave and I did not belong here.
I graduated with two masters degrees after 9/11 and could not find jobs. I applied for 600 job and no response. I find white people talking about being charitable and Christian values yet they can be very hateful and arrogant with non white people They treat Hispanic blacks, Indians, Muslims and other no whites poorly. They are judgmental.
I find older (60 plus) to be very bigoted and rude. Many time they do not even smile. I live in Florida. They just look at you as if you do not belong here. I just wanted them to know that this is how many non white people think. We are just people like them. We come from all kinds of backgrounds and we are humans just like them with feeling. We came to this country with hopes and dreams. Let us have our share in this big American pie. Thanks for listening. May God Bless you all!

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  • Sadly you met a white family that gives us other white people a bad name.
    I can tell you that you should be treated with respect.
    Hope you enjoy the UK and there are more good white people than bad.

  • Sorry I double posted,I was got a warning that the code did not match

  • I love America and I have been a citizen for years.I came here at the age of 21.I went to college,got a Bachelors,masters ,and last month, another masters.Mid next year,I will get a third masters.Why so many? Well whenever I finish school,I can never find a job.I look everywhere,do everything possible and nothing ever happens.I have been stuck in low paying jobs for almost 30 years!At my present age and all the money I owe,when would I ever work and pay off student loans,save for retirement,etc?I have grown kids and little kids.All am saying is that I came to America for school and a bright future but I have found it very difficult to succeed.I understand what you are saying,am not racist or hateful or even regretful.I am simply dismayed and lately disillusioned.I see so many people, with no education or much less than I have,running companies in my field of study or with very good jobs in general.Bottom line,you have to do what you have to do and I wish you well.I'm thankful for being here and that my kids were all born here.Best of luck.

  • You can have a share.... Just don't fall for the bull they try to feed you. You will have to endure a lot of hate and negative behaviors which will try to deny your humanity. You know, I know and certainly God knows as well as many others. Let fools wallow and soak in there own excrement.

  • Some people were created that way. They say they are believers, yet remain deceivers. Don't be afraid of the devil's work just be aware, shake it off and walk in knowledge.

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