I hate Puerto Ricans..

First, let me say..I'm not a racist. Just a realist. I'd like to know what happened to decent white people? We've been swamped by dirty, rude, non-English speaking PR's, and it has to stop.

Twice in the last two days, I've had to endure, in public, a dirty, non-English speaking hispanito's loud, PR music on their phone. They have no regard for others, are heavily annoying, and, even if try to say something to them or ask, hey, can you please turn that s*** down, they put on the "no habla" act. It's complete bullshit and wrong that, if they are here, in the U.S., they refuse to learn the language, fly their PR flags, and, as stated, play that annoying music on their phones in public.

Yes, I'll say it.. I hate Puerto Ricans and would much like them all to go back where they came from.

I miss white people.

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  • I agree, ricans are all pieces of s***.

  • I'm a Puerto Rican you c***! Speak English perfectly well I'm married to a lovely young white lady whom I have 4 children with and one on the way! Decent job never had to worry about my economic status. I came from nothing that's right we do play music in our little phones but because prs are all about music. I have met many white folks who love Latinos of all types most white folks are lazy want to know the reason behind that I'm a superintendent and have been for over 25 years half of my workers are white and they are the laziest muthafuckers I know. I've done business with white people and in reality we are no different and you are no better but to speak your mind so I'll let you feel a bit better inside dip s***

  • For your information, I know some decent PR's . Who have very good jobs. By the way, I happen to be married to one who is very responsible and has a very good successful job. However, all of his family has very good successful jobs also.. I happen to be Italian. I would say it has nothing to do with race it's probably the type that you only know of. Maybe it's some kind of ghetto area you live close by to. Of course your going to find people like that, besides I've seen some white people like that doesn't mean all white people are like that. What I mean to say is that's your opinion and the world you live surrounded by. I'm saying is anyone could be like that they don't have to be PR. It Depends on the individual on how they were raised by their parents..

  • It sounds very racist to me. Not every PR is the same. Just like any other nationality it doesn't matter what they are it matters what type of person they are inside . Yeah it could be a white person, who could be the worst person ever, but just because they are white doesn't mean they are better.. we our all human beings with feeling and flush. You can't go stereo typing people because of their nationality,besides how about I say you must be a complaining old lady who is pushing 80 years old.. Maybe those people are your neighbors who don't like you, so of course they are going to be annoying to you, because they sense you don't like them. Good day to you, and good for them for giving you a hard time.

  • Nope, not old lady. White guy in my 40s who's tired of having to deal with PR's rudeness. Problem is, when guys like me say or do anything about it, we're the ones at fault and being slammed for it. I have no desire to hear their music in public, smell their foul bodies, or look at the bling they probably stole from someone with an actual job.

    No, I am not a racist. Am a realist. The minorities in this nation are ruining us. Have some class, work hard, and earn it. Too many PR's are takers. I'm tired of paying for their assistance, food cards, 20 kids... While they sit back, play their tunes, and give dirty looks as if others are always at fault. Fk all of them.

  • You're entitled to your opinion. Your PR buddies probably think you're an a****** so they most likely don't care what you think. But if you want to open your eyes about who is really digging into welfare check this out:

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