Looking threw women's stuff

I'm a 15 year old male, and I'm strait but i look threw like my aunts and my neighbors drawers to see if I can find lube,d*****,s** toys, c*** rings anything a girl would m********* with or a guy would, and my neighbors are usually going on trips,so I go over and look threw there drawers and I find a medium black silicone d**** and it's under a bunch of sexy lingerie that she wears, I guess to get the husband h****, but I looked in her husbands night stand and there's lube, so I wonder what it felt like, so I lubed the d**** up and I got her panties/ turned on p*** and stuck the d**** up my butt, now it hurt, so just the head went in, and I started j********** while sniffing her panties and watching p***.

After that experience I waited till the next day and went in further, and repeatedly sniffing and j**********, I did this till I could get the whole d**** in, which was probably only 6-7 inches long and now I would just sniff her panties and use the d**** to make me c**.

Does this mean I'm gay or just I enjoy a*** s**, but I still really like girls, never boys

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  • It's look through not 'threw' you ignoramus.

  • It means you committed a crime - trespassing/ breaking & entering perhaps, what if they have aids man?

  • You may not be gay but you sure can't write. Through isn't spelled threw. Straight isn't spelled strait.

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