I didn't tell the truth to my boyfriend about my sexual past

My boyfriend asked me how many guys I had s** with in the past. I told him there were 2 guys before I met him, but the truth is that I have no idea. During high school and college I had slutty phase when I experimented with many different guys..I'm absolutely not proud of that part of my past. I had numerous one night stands and friends with benefits... I've lost count around 50, but I think real number is somewhere between 80 and 100. Should I have told him the truth ?

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  • I wish you were my gf. I have a fantasy having a gf who was once a b**** and slept with many guys

  • My wife & I are in our 60s and we have both been married before, after my wife left her 1st husband she sowed her wild oats and had s** with lots of different guys, It's a turn on for me when she tells me her experiences.

  • Sounds hot

  • A hint for men out there. The probability that your woman will cheat or divorce you is correlated to how many sexual partners she's had in the past. Don't get involved with a s*** it's a waste of time.

  • Tell him, he needs to love the REAL you

  • I had friends who were married. The guy asked the woman her "number." It was 50+ and it totally freaked him out. (His "number" was about 4 or 5.) Unfortunately a lot of guys can't handle the fact that "their" woman has been with more people than he has. Me, I'm totally cool with it. I am dating a woman who has been with a ton of guys. I think that's hot and I love hearing her stories.

  • I am trying to encourage her to get slutty again! (Not everyone is cut out to be monogamous!)

    My fiancee confessed the night before our wedding. We had been together 3 years.

    I was so hurt by her lies, I left her at the altar. When her father confronted me I told him the truth. Her family is very religious and they disowned her.

    A week later she committed suicide.

  • Lies

    Shut the f*** up

  • That's very sad story :( How many guys she had before you met her ?

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