I hate emos and people who say their

I hate emos and people who say their life's to depressing for them to go on...yada yada yada. look people your life is what you make it and if you dont chose to fix it you deserve to be depressed. I'm tired of people comin on here sayin John just broke up with me, I have no reason to live or Jane cheated on me and left me for the other guy i wanna end my life. F*** people go try living in a third world country and then you can talk about depression. Jesus who knows maybe one day you're the person who finds the cure for cancer or some other medical breakthrough but no, your too busy feeling sorry for yourselves. Grow the f*** up and take some responsibility.

Dont post emo s*** on here anymore. It p***** me off.

Rack The Jipper

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Too bad I wasn't around during the Rack the Jipper years. He sounds like an intelligent person unafraid to take down the retards on this site-- talk about a target-rich environment! I see he irked a few inbreds and momma's boys. Good for him.

    Rack, if you're out there brother... word.

  • ^ and ^^ I think you both just need to exchange information and do some heavy f******, you both seem to want to keep flirting with each other. I realize your both trying to be the ultimate badass, but you both just look really stupid.

  • ^ Thats it all's I get is a "good dog"? That's disappointing. With that big mouth you had earlier, I would think you had a little bit more to say. But that's ok if you couldn't think of any other comebacks except "good dog".

    Rack the Jipper

  • You two hypocrites need to get a room and suck each others d****. You sound like two f*** having four play


  • ^good dog.

  • ^Well you're obviously my biggest fan I wouldn't pass this up if my life depended on it. So where do I begin?

    I guess we'll start at the top, where you use that so origional insult and I quote, "I mean all you ever talk about is s**, so usually people like yourself only talk about what they can't get." Well, for your info I got laid last week and believe me she was very satisfied. Now your probably not gonna believe me and that's ok. I don't need to prove myself to a little guy like you. It did make me laugh a little though, so thank you for that.

    Hey if you don't wanna skip over my comments and read what I have to say, by all means go for it. I mean I would be a little upset if my biggest fan didnt read my comments. And, if you feel the need, keep on insulting me. It's what i live for. Now i may say some mean things back to you and i hope you dont get too upset. I dont wanna make the little guy cry.

    Now, the ball's in your court. You told the world I would wirte back and so I have. I now tell you the same. Please write me back I'm liking our little convo we got goin on here. Hope to hear from you soon.

    To my biggest fan,
    Rack the Jipper

    P.S. You proved my point and thank you. My comment wasn't up on here 10 minutes and you already responded. I love how you check up on me. It's adorable.

  • Uhm.. whos acting like a emo right now? Drama.

  • ^Awww I like the losers like yourself, really, just say a little something and you wind yourself up. I was thinking you were gonna be a little smarter, but well we never get everything we want, like yourself I imagine. I mean all you ever talk about is s**, so usually people like yourself only talk about what they can't get.
    See I live in this country called The United States of America, so I don't have to skip over your comments, or stop insulting you.
    Really, I was expecting you may have enough of a brain not to respond, but f***, you disappoint in every way don't you(I'm sure some young ladies can verify that.)?
    This is fun, tell me something else, use that poorly developed sarcasm again, lmao, you will because you can't help it. Speak dog, speak!

  • ^ First, you seem a little stressed. Perhaps you should get laid. I know it's probably hard for you bein a lowlife and all but hey you can pay for it.

    Second, I didnt see this name anywhere before but that may be because I have a life and dont spend my days on the internet like you. I come on occasionally do my thing and dont come back for a couple days. See i have what are called "friends" and I'm talkin real friends, people I hang out with in person not on AIM while I'm jackin off.

    Thirdly, it was my opinion. See I live in America and we have this little thing called the Right to Free Speech and it is my right to voice my opinion. Now I know I told emos to stop postin s*** on here and that might be misunderstood and me tryin to stunt their Right to Free Speech but I'm just tired of readin the same s*** over and over and over again. If you dont like the s*** I say, don't read it, I mean i sign my signature at the bottom of ever comment so you know it's mine and you can skip over it.

    So, to sum up, you need to get money for a h*****, go outside your house and make some real friends for once, respect my right to free speech, and skip over the things I say from now on. Ok sunshine?

    Rack the Jipper

  • Oh no don't p*** off this worthless s***, he might get mad and do absolutely nothing! NOTHING people don't p*** him off or nothing will happen to you!
    lol you're nothing, people can post what they like. Don't like it? Make your own website. Very original by the way no one has ever used that name before.

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