The most awaited moment

This is a true story. I completed my Degree and waiting for my call letter (I’m an athlete, brownish white colored not dark in anyway with 5’9” height and good butt any girl would love to hold it). One fine evening I went to the grocery store to buy things. As i was about to leave after the purchase, one women she came to buy hot bag which is used to massage the interior injury in the body, and the shopkeeper said “we don’t sell things like that, why don’t you enquire in the medical” she went to the medical next to the shop and found that even they didn’t have it. I saw her face very much frustrated and she said it was an urgent, that her mother was with pain. She was about to leave on her bike, I approached her and gave her a good smile and asked her if she wanted it right now. She replied YES. I asked her again if she wouldn’t mind coming with me to my home just 10 metres away from the shop, I had an extra hot bag at home so she could come and collect it. She agreed and came with me to my house and waited outside for me, brought her the bag and she was with smiles and gave me money for it. I refused to take that money and told her it was an extra, thought it would be useful for you. And with a thanks she started her bike, with her next to me I again kept walking to the shop and she asked where are you going now? “I actually forgot to buy eggs”. And she wanted to buy something too, we both bought our things, we introduced ourselves (since I don’t want to disclose our names, Me-Nitin and Her-Sarada) and when she said bye, I asked her for her phone number, with a stunned look she asked why? I then told her I wanted to know if your mother got healed, “oh thank you and very much appreciate it she gave her number”. Then that night when I was about to sleep, I felt good that I helped someone today. Suddenly, she began to hover in my mind, women around her late 30’s good looking, wheat complexion, average body, beautiful eyes and lips, a good sense of aroma around her and wavy long hair until her hips with sweet soft fingers and at last I have to say this not much but with medium sized butt and b******, married with her kunkumam on her forehead that’s what they call it here. After a while I slept and it was a new day. Was like any other day. Couple of days later I realized I had her number so why don’t I call her and ask her about it. I called her and she picked the call “Hello, who is this?” It’s me Nitin! “Oh Nitin, how are you?” I’m fine. How’s your mother doing?. “She’s recovering very fast and thank you so much for the timely help.” My pleasure Mrs.Sarada. “Mrs.Sarada!! hahaha thank you, hey why don’t you come home sometime?” Sure, but I’m busy this week, maybe next week I can. “Do come,ok…Bye”.Bye.
I felt so happy that she called me to her house. A week went by and I forgot about her because of my work. Was watching tv, phone started ringing and to my surprise it was Mrs.Sarada, I don’t know why I felt so happy when I see her call me, picked the call and “hey Nitin, how are you? Are you coming home sometime?” Sure, today evening if you like too. “Ok,come”. And she cut the call.I took a shower and put good smelling deo and went to her house about one hour after she called. She invited me inside and I was sitting on the couch and looking everywhere to see if her husband and kids show up. I asked her about it and she had one 6 years old boy, he left with his grandparents yesterday to my native since it’s holiday and she worked in a school nearby, her husband worked in gulf country. It’s been almost one year since I saw him she said with not so good voice. I felt bad. Then we had a long chat for one and half hours, with a cup of coffee and something to eat. She gave me a goodbye from her gate as I left home. She lived 5kms away from my home. Next day I called her in the evening and she didn’t pick up the phone, I tried again the next day, for a week she didn’t pick up, I thought she didn’t like me calling her often. I couldn’t just stop, I wanted to talk to her so much and meet her. I felt something towards her all started from the day after I visited her in her house. She never called after that. I tried again the next day and she picked, I told her I’ve been calling her the last one week and she said yes Nitin I saw your calls but I was too busy with work and had to travel for teacher meeting, was out of station most of the time and said “sorry” I had a great relief in my heart. I asked her if she was free in the evenings and she said I have three days holiday from tomorrow so I’ll be free. I even told her if we talk through phone it will cost, do you mind chatting in g-mail hangouts? She said ok I don’t mind. We exchanged our mail id and from the next day we started to chat and chat, shared lot of things and she said hey you can come to my house but not all the time ok people around might suspect she said. I was fine with it. We both talked

Aug 13, 2015

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  • Go to her house use bathroom 2 s*** dont flush then leave

  • And what happened??????????????????????

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