My grandma used to punish me

My grandma raised me. She was very strict. When I was a boy, from about age 5 until I was 13 years old, we had a behavior chart hung up on a kitchen wall. It was a weekly chart. Any minor misbehavior would lead to one mark on the chart. If, over the course of a week, I reached 5 marks, the punishment was a spanking. Major misbehavior - lying, cursing, etc. - led to immediate spanking. My grandma was old-fashioned. Her standard was over-the-knee spankings, applied to the bare bottom, usually with a paddle. Here's what's strange: I craved her discipline and would intentionally misbehave. Just seeing her holding the paddle, and listening to her stern command ordering me to pull down my pants and underpants was exciting. I'm 19 now and I desperately want my girlfriend to spank me just like my grandma used to. Yesterday she agreed, but I'll have to wait until this weekend. I know this sounds weird, but I can hardly wait. I'm so excited!

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  • P*** her off before she starts ;)

  • Sounds normal to me mate. I also used to get spanked on my bare bottom by my grandma when I was a kid. She lived a few doors down from us and used to often babysit me. She would spank me even when I wasn't naughty but only gently. After a few spankings I stopped putting my pants and trousers back on after the spanking and would just lay my head on her lap and play with myself for the rest of evening. She would rub my belly and just cuddle my head it was wonderful and boy I have always missed it.

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