Spanked in public

I was homeschool by a strict mother who spanked. At 17 I was ready for college. Mom enrolled me in a private Baptist college across state. Not allowing me in a dorm, Mom rented a room for me in a house near the college. The home was owned by a women 42 with twin daughters 14 years of age. Time passed when Mom came for a visit. Mom came to my room produced her paddle took off my jeans and spanked me. Mom left the room with me crying. She came back took my hand and bought me still without my jeans to the living room. there sat the homeowner, Khari, lucky the twins were away with their grandma. Mom had me stand as she explained Khari was going to "help look after me, the drive was just too far to be made often." Soon after Mom left, Khari took my arm and had me stand in front of her I could see the paddle in her lap as she spoke. She took my underpants down, took me across her lap and spanked my bare bottom. The spanking probably lasted for three minutes of continuous spanks that increased in speed and force. After ending I could only sob while painfully grasping a burning bottom cheek in each hand. It was then I seen the girls and grandmother had at some point enter the room. Khari just removed the underpants from my ankles and order me into a corner. There I stood rubbing as Khari told the twins "JImmy will now be spanked for laziness and naughtiness and told the Grandma she had Mom's blessing and planned to honor her wishes. Many spankings followed.

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  • Somebody gets excited about spankings.
    Probably shouldn't use your mother in your fantasies though. That's just kind of creepy. If nothing else, at least make her your stepmother, that's not as creepy.

  • Really?

  • Yes

  • Hi there

  • Hello

  • Use your imagination. This is all fantasy and has no connection with reality at all. It is just complete C R A P

  • We spank all our 6 kids also ages from 7 to 17.

  • Do you spank them in front of each other?

  • Yes..

  • How does the 17 year old react to being spanked in front of a 7 year old?

  • I know you have 6 between 7 and 17 but what is the make up between boys and girls?

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