Gay neighbor

I have lived in my house for about 4 years. Neighbors were cordial but not nosey. Never spoke at length with any of them. One would walk around the block every day. He would smile at me as he passed my window.

About a year ago I was standing outside and he walked up to me. He introduced himself and said he had been wanting to come say hello but just hasn't yet. He started off by telling me he had someone coming cut his yard and asked if I wanted him to do mine while I was there. I told him that would be cool.

I introduced myself and told him a little about me and my wife. He then handed me a business card with his phone number on it. I asked what it was for. He said I could call him and we could play sometime. I honestly thought he meant PlayStation or computer or something like that.

A few weeks passed. I was outside just sitting. He came up and chatted again. Just talking about the weather and stuff. Then he asked if I wanted to go to his house and play. I asked what he meant. He said, "your bed is next to your window and I've seen you j******* a couple times. You can just call me and I'll suck your d*** for you." I said, "You know I'm married right?" He said, "She won't know anything. Just come over and see if you like it."

I finally agreed and went to his house with him. We went down to his basement. Got on the bed. He proceeded to give me the best b****** ever. Afterwards I thanked him and headed back home.

I started off as just a blow and go, to sucking his d*** also on occasion to now me calling him to see if he wants to have s**. We get together 3 times a week now every week. Both of us sucking each other off and me craving his c** b

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  • Nothing wrong if it feels good.

  • I love sucking off married men

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