I hate my step daughter

My sd is a complete b**** and always gets her way. She acts like a s*** wearing shorts with her a** hanging out and sleeping with a new guy every couple weeks and she is only 16. I have gone out of my way to help her and be a good step mother to her but all she wants is gifts and money and to hog our only car which she drives like a maniac. I hope she gets into a car accident and kills herself.

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  • Her Dad has to deal with it, you can't even though you want to..dad needs to man up here and do the right thing. You can only talk to him and ask him to help. And maybe he'll the keys to the car get lost until she's in school so you can use it for errands.

  • Time too spank her or get her father too do it..

  • She must get it from you, carl

  • Give her sexual signals and caresses and sexy quiet things that will cheer her up

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