Im 19 and Gold Diggers are real

So im rich..big whoop... and i parked my car by at the end of the parking lot .. yes im that dude i had people hit and run on me before so thats why i do that .. anyways i saw this Girl she was pretty beautiful so i tried talking to her i wasn't really trying to get her number i was just trying to have some small talk, trying to see if she can hold a conversation. but before i could say hi she was like," dont talk to me b****" and she walked away, i was thinking to myself "i like her :P". so yeah i go to my meeting it was just some coffee with a client and i left. so walking back to my car i see her and she sees me, once she realized what car i was driving she went for Dog Mode asking me if i want her number.. i laughed/smirked and drove off ..but i was really thinking how sad it is how some Girls define a Guy by how much money they have ........ f#ck it im gonna buy a Toyota Corolla

Aug 9, 2017

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